Frequently asked questions

What is a Life Mastery Consultant?

A Life Mastery Consultant is a certified professional who has studied with the Life Mastery Institute TM and worked personally with the world renouned Mary Morrissey. We are trained in an evocative coaching style that gets to the root of your desires, longings, and discontent. I am are certified and trained in the following programs: -Dream Builder TM (12 Week Program) -Into Your Genius TM (12 weeks program) -Working with the Law TM (12 week program) -Life Mastery TM (6 month program) -Standing Firm While Your World is Shaking TM (4 week program)

What is evocative coaching?

Evocative Coaching supports the client in understanding that inspiration, ideas, thoughts, and everything required to live a life they love living is already within themselves. The coach's role is to help the client call forth their inner wisdom. The difference between Directive Coaching and Evocative Coaching: Directive Coaching is more externally driven, the client looks to the coach to provide expertise and guidance (ex. a business consultant). Evocative Coaching is supporting the client to understand that they are already resourced from within themselves. The answers come from within the client's own inner genius. It is invitational in language and style. The client is their own highest authority in all matters. As the coach, I help my clients use their six mental faculties: Imagination, Memory, Will, Reason, Perception, Intuition. Evocative coaching helps the client shift from condition-based thinking (this is how things have always been....) to vision-based thinking.

What is a strategy session?

Each month I set aside time during my speaking and coaching schedule to offer a few complimentary strategy sessions. This session will help you get clear on what you want, what's holding you back, and identify your next big step. At the end of the session, we will discuss if we are a good fit as client and coach and if so, we will discuss enrollment in one of the courses I offer. I have a limited number of appointments available and they often book up quickly, so if you're interested in coaching and you'd like to schedule a complimentary strategy session, please complete the Contact me form on the home page.

Can I work with you if I am an agnostic / athiest?

Yes, I can work with you as long as you can recognize that we are all beings made of energy and our thoughts produce energetic results that manifest our reality. You must be willing to recognize that you are a soul in a human body. If you do not believe you have an infinite soul, then we probably won't be a good fit as coach and client.

What format will we use to have our coaching sessions?

We will use the telephone or video service programs for our modes of communication.

Do I get a discount if I refer someone?

Yes! You get a 10% discount on your next program you register for with Life Pulse SOULutions.


My vision is to help you bring your biggest dream into reality. As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with the ideas, information, tools and strategies that are taught to you. Your results in life are totally up to you. What you invest in yourself with both your mindset and actions, you will manifest.

Why Coaching?

There are no short cuts to success. Yet, with the proper tools and resources you can accelerate your results, so that you can achieve your goals and realize your dreams in far less time than you could have on your own. One of the single most effective success-accelerators is coaching. A coach or mentor helps breath life into your intentions, transforming them into concrete goals and then providing you with the transformational tools and motivation you need to turn those goals into your reality. I offer dynamic coaching programs tailored to your specific needs. I look forward to working with you.

What are the core values of Life Pulse Soulutions

1. I believe in people. I know that each one of us is far more powerful and contains more potential than any circumstance, situation, or condition. 2. I believe in Love and Care. I bring sincere love and care to every interaction. I delight and surprise my clients by anticipating wants and seeking to exceed expectations. 3. I believe in Integrity. I live what I teach. I deliver what I promise. 4. I believe in fun. We create joy, laughter, and fun in all aspects of our work. 5. I believe in Growth. We grow by achieving our goals and exceeding our best.

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