Bye Facebook!

Facebook is a plague for many reasons. I am divorcing facebook this week for good, but the concept of final deletion was a bit terrifying for me. It took me a long time to get here. I had felt that because I had spent so much time building Sacred Living Community Facebook group, my business Page, and had connected with so many woke folk that I should keep it going. However, the message from Spirit has been loud and clear. It's is time for an exodus!

Reason #1: Facebook is Corrupted

There is a mass exodus happening right now on Facebook, especially with those who are awakened to the deceit and corruption taking place in the corporate office of Facebook. It has never been more clear that FB isn’t a neutral platform, and is now one of the most powerful companies that use their power to try and sway elections, promote certain view points, and censors viewpoints that should be heard. It also has become glaringly clear that they censor views that oppose medical freedom, constitutional rights, law and order, holistic health, and free thought.

Reason #2: You Forfeit Your Privacy

We all know this, but I don't think we truly understand how bad this really is. If you would have told your grandparents 50 years ago that we would be posting all our thoughts, activites, photos, interests, political opinions, etc to a list of people who would see it and then continue know more and more about you....they would have thought that sounded like a nightmare! It's truly awful when you think about it. We have been programmed to think that it is normal to share everything! Why not post a photo nude while you are at it? Oh wait, you already did! Stand in your power sister, I get it. I don't judge you. However, this is complete voyeurism and is creepy when you dwindle the concept down to its nuts and bolts. Privacy is an asset.

Which brings me to....

Reason #3: Facebook has Vampiric Energy

Many people are addicted to using Facebook in one way or another. It sucks your life force out of you and steals your energy and attention and directs it in a multitude of directions simultaneously. This force of Facebook literally takes your energy away from you. Being an empath, I feel other's energy very acutely. Having others read my posts, I feel that energy. It's an exchange. Usually a beautiful one, but not always when sharing about pedophilia and corruption. People who don't respect differences of opinion and different perceptions of reality are really vampiric. They attack with their negativity, hoping for another negative reaction back, so they can feed off the bad vibes they are orchestrating, to assert their dominance. These keyboard vampires are to be prayed for. For they are bullies who can't handle cognitive dissonance. They attack the messenger personally rather than the content, and they clearly need help.


If you go to the settings in Facebook you can request to download all your data that they've collected. You will see that they have been recording every website you've visited since you opened your account, even when you aren't on fb it still records your online moves. They then sell your data to hundreds of companies. This is why Facebook is free. They are selling YOU. This is scary, and we have been programmed to allow this. We don't read the fine print in the "terms and agreements", we just want to carry on with our social media lives. I do not consent any longer.

Reason #5: Reclaim your Time

Facebook accomplishes very little in the big scheme of things, yet it absorbs a significant amount of time and distracts you from your daily activities. I found myself neglecting my children, not accomplishing my goals fast enough, waking up first thing in the morning getting sucked in to never ending conversations, articles, videos, and whatnot. Imagine all we could do with ourselves and our goals when we wake up and hit the ground running?! Those 1, 2, 3 hours you spend on Facebook could be hours reading, meditating, knocking off your 'To Do' list, writing that book, starting that thing you wanted to do! This is a very important reason for my exodus. I am valuing my time now more than ever.

I am glad I'm making this divorce from facebook once and for all. It is a menace to society. It is not social at all. It is the antithesis of social. It makes us more secluded and lonely and out in the cold to be devoured by wolves.

I'm reclaiming my personal power, time, and privacy back.

God speed.


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