The 4 stages of Consciousness

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

When life isn’t that great, is it possible to envision a good life?

The only way we overcome this is to go within. To ask empowering questions with the awareness that the universal presence is always listening and always providing answers.

When you ask what is my purpose? Why am I here on the planet? The universe will answer these questions in a way that only you can understand. There will be intuitive prompting, nudges, signs, symbols, dreams, basically the answers will come to what speaks to that particular individual.

The problem is that when people are in tough situations, people ask disempowering questions. They ask and say what’s wrong. Who is to blame? Why me? These are disempowering. And the universe will answer these too! It will pull on the database of the human experience and say you were born on the wrong side of the tracks, or things happened to you and give you excuses for your circumstances. But if you ask an empowering question, you will get an answer that will rise you above the muck. It is all about your question. The sincerity of your question. And then, the ability and the willingness to really listen to what the universe has to say. This ultimate resource is available to every human being, just most people have been disconnected or deprogrammed from this frequency.

The presence of God has never made a mistake. There are no do-overs or repeats. Therefore, each one of us are unique expressions of the infinite. The infinite gets to express its infinite nature through its uniqueness. Therefore, we have a mandate to discover ourselves, find out who and what we are, what our purpose is, and then to express it! This idea is infinite, and always within us, and is always unfolding. It is never “I’ve arrived!” it is “I am always on a journey of unfolding.”

If you don’t know what your purpose is, just look at wherever you are unfolding in the moment. You grow where you are planted, and you ask, “What is trying to emerge within my life?” And you will start to get hints. You will start to take baby steps in that direction. As you take these baby steps, inertia becomes momentum. And then possibilities start to reveal themselves. And your potential starts to become activated. And you find yourself, as you look back, “Wow! I’ve changed! I’m different.”

I’ve had friends who complain to me that they are visualizing what they want to manifest, and for a while now they have had no change. But really, they needed to look at what they were pushing against. A quick way to understand this concept is with this example- Are you anti-war or pro-peace? Which of those two options is vibrating at a higher frequency? That’s right. Pro-peace. So if you are always attending anti-war meetings, and focusing on the thing you hate, you unfortunately will continue to perpetuate it. What you resist, persists. But if you are focusing on the thing you love, you will uplift and inspire yourself and others around you to be beacons of peace throughout the world. Which one will have the lasting impact? That’s right. Peace will be everlasting and create positive ripple effects through time and space. So my advice to my friends when they ask is, you have to be in alignment with your desire and vision. If you aren’t on a frequency that is in alignment for your dreams and visions, then you won’t hear when the universe speaks to you….you won’t get your clues, and messages, and intuitive knowings, that are waiting to be revealed to you. You just simply won’t be listening, as you will be focused on whatever your current circumstance may be.

So you might be wondering, how do you align your vibration to what you want? Prayer, meditations, and life visioning attunes us to become an alignment to that vibration. As well as eating organic foods made from the earth, and getting physical exercise. This attunement allows us to hear the universe’s nudges, and feel it and move in that direction. Many people, if their prayers were to be answered, they wouldn’t be ready to receive it. They aren’t vibrationally ready.

Something interesting about manifestation is what is called “The Let Go”. When you use all your 5 senses to visualize what you want for your life, but you “Let Go” of the HOW it will happen, and also “Let Go” of the results. So when you think of what you want, feel it with all your body, but also simultaneously just let it go into the universe. Don’t grasp on it so tight because this causes resistance. That which is for you, will come to you. When you “Want it! Want it! Want it! Want it!” it isn’t going to show up. Because this is translating in vibration to “I don’t have it! I don’t have it! I don’t have it!” So you can’t receive it because you aren’t vibrating at the right frequency. So basically, you end up blocking your own blessing.

There is a light and luminosity within each being in this world. The unfolding comes in 4 states of spiritual growth:

Stage 1: Victim consciousness- This is where many people live. They say things to themselves and their friends, “Somebody did this to me” “I’m not happy because of so and so…(my wife, my boss” “The World is unfair.” “They are doing it to me”. “The Reason I’m unhappy is somebody else’s fault.” “God did it to me.” “The devil did it to me.” “My mom did it to me.” “My karma…” Every Victim has a victim story.

When you start to get sick and tired, of being sick and tired, you start opening up to a possibility of being a new way. Maybe there is something more to life than what meets the eye. This is where prayer, meditation, and asking for help and making yourself more open to possibilities.

Stage 2: Manifestation/Visualizing Consciousness- You have to talk about what you want more than you talk about your problems. Because if you are focusing more on your problems more than your vision, then you are in inertia. So there is a shift that needs to take place where you discuss the possibilities more than the issues. You don’t deny the issues. Bad things happen to people. You just don’t give it your energy. When you engage and focus on more negative matters, that is what you will manifest more of. You go to the lower frequencies of doubt, worry, fear, hate. But if you are talking about possibility you move up your vibration. You start to see that all the bad things in your life are leading you to activate some great potential in your experience. What if God/the universe is really on my side? When you start to ask “What if” questions you start to notice tiny miracles happening in your life. Things start to manifest. And you don’t really know how they got there, but they did.

We all go through the dark night of the soul in our lives.Often multiple times. This can happen with relationship breakups, losing your job, or your house burns down, or someone close to you dies. The dark night of the soul is when you are losing your identity with your previous identification, but you haven’t yet developed your newly emerging, new identity. You are in the dark. You don’t know. You know who you used to be, but you don’t exactly know yet who you are becoming. It’s a dark place, and can be excruciating, with a lot of fear and disconnect.

But some advice for those going through this experience is to ask yourself, "If this experience were to last forever, what quality would have to emerge from within me to have peace of mind?"

So if you ask that question and imagined that dark experience to last forever, you would tell yourself that “I need strength, peace, or a little more …(name your quality)”. Then when you start to focus on the quality you need to get through the dark night, and the suffering process is sped up. You move through the dark part in your life faster. This is because you aren’t focusing so much on the suffering of the experience, but you are pulled by a larger vision with the quality you want to express. Pain pushes until the vision pulls. Life is a progression. Once your pain has pushed you hard enough to create a better vision for yourself. Your potential is always bigger than the problem! Remember, your potential is infinite! Once you sincerely embrace the possibility of your vision, you wake up each morning with determination to walk in the direction of your vision. Once you take momentum forward each and every day towards your vision, you aren’t pushed as much from your pain and start to experience far less drama and negative situations in your life. And when you do experience challenges, you react to them in a different manner. Your challenges will activate latent potential.

We are vibrational beings. We are not just flesh and blood. When we lift our vibration to what we want to experience, it first starts on a vibratory level, then vibrates into existence what you desire. You cannot have what you are not willing to become vibrationally (you won't become a millionaire if you don't feel and think like one, for example). And if you do get it, you will lose it! This is why people who win the lottery for millions of dollars become bankrupt within a few years. They did not change their vibration to align with their new vision of their life. Vibrationally they were not a millionaire, yes the money was in the bank, but that was not how they saw themselves. They had a limited mindset, and engaged in the same patterns as before they won the lottery, and thus lost it all.

We radiate energy. This radiation attracts to us the people, and things we want in our life. We radiate things to us, from within up. If I become the vibrational frequency of love, peace, and harmony, it is going to show up in my life.

So in a nutshell, you first have to be it, then radiate it, and then you will attract it.

This means working on yourself. Participating in personal reflection and discovery. You have to like yourself, when you are by yourself. You have to look at all your thoughts. Your beautiful thoughts, your crazy thoughts, you have to embrace yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself, and when you do all this, then you can be with others in a healthy way. If you don’t like yourself when you are by yourself, then you are pulling on others to make you happy.

Manifesting wealth and things in our lives are not the end all be all. They are nice signposts along the way. Really we are here to evolve our soul. We can actually think independent of a circumstance and choose how we respond and let our soul unfold. People are either in REACTION or IN CHOICE. Choice comes when you expand your awareness. Reaction to a circumstance is when you have limited awareness. In this human condition, we can choose to be better.

Stage 3: Visioning says that there is something within you, beyond your imagination, that you want to come forward. It is our life force. It is our unique pattern. It is beyond societal fantasy and determiners. It is God’s unique mark on you and it is up to you whether you are to express yourself how you are uniquely designed to do so! Visioning transcends visualization because it is a higher level. It is you living out your life purpose! Your next level of unfolding. When you realize that you are a channel, a place, where the infinite expresses itself you surrender, open yourself, make yourself available to the universe. You encounter frequent encounters with “the zone” or “the flow”. Beyond our imagination something takes over. Some people call this God, or universal consciousness. This brings beauty, love, creativity into your life with abundance!

Stage 4: You are one with God. You are connected. You feel that your life is the life of God. Most people don’t live here all the time. But you can attain higher and higher levels of this consciousness, unless you attain full enlightenment in which case, Bravo! :)

*Content based off of Michael Beckwith and Mary Morrissey's teaching on consciousness.


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