You Create Your Reality: Consciously Co-creating a New Earth Paradigm

By Kelsey Reppart

Here we are, on a global pause. People are asked to stay home and not intermingle with others. People’s work life is disrupted. People are slowing down and coming out of the rat race on a global scale. This massive global pause is forcing us all to turn inwards, to get back to what is important and real which is our family, our soul, and our human connections.

During this pause there are those of us who are feeding our fear and those of us who are recalibrating ourselves to rise above the fear. Most of us, even lightworkers and empaths, flow between fear and peace at this time of change and that is completely natural. There is no shame in having moments of panic. When I went shopping at the grocery store last week there was a fight in the aisles over the water bottles and they had to call the police. When I saw the shelves empty of canned food, rice, and beans it made me fear what would happen in the future if I ran out of food for my family. The way I moved through that was to prep and prepare for the worst and expect the best outcome. Once I knew I had enough food to feed my family of 11 for a month, then my fear was gone. I was able to move back into Source Consciousness.

You see, we create our realities. We have all co-created our current reality and we will continue to mold and shape our future by the beliefs we hold, the perspectives we are willing to examine and explore, and the thoughtforms we choose to create and manifest in our reality. This is the moment in time when the tower falls in our society. We have resisted this, but most of humanity has had their personal tower fall and have gone through the dark night of the soul already and come out transformed. This is also what may be happening collectively with society. Sometimes the structure has to crumble so it can be built again anew and transformed.

We as a society have allowed ourselves to be programmed through governmental and MSM indoctrination, cultural conditioning, religious programming, and through the education system to adhere to the rat race. We have been taught that gaining, acquiring, and advancing are the utmost important aspects of living. There has been a feeding frenzy on this planet and we’ve reached our limit. Mother Earth needs to breathe. We have plundered her resources and destroyed her and have allowed the leaders and CEOs to do this as they please because we have felt powerless against it. We have allowed the elite bankers to enslave humanity with their corruption. We have allowed human trafficking and pedophila networks to operate freely throughout Hollywood, and all levels of society. We didn’t know how to stop it. We relinquished our power by being completely distracted and remaining ignorant. Some choose to ignore it and others choose to profit from it all.

The tides are turning. Mother Earth is rumbling. She is having earthquakes to shake up the planet and release the trapped energy inside her so we can remember that we must surrender to what is before we can move forward. She reminds us that we are not in control, except for our perceptions and the beliefs we choose to hold about the nature of our reality.

This global pause is asking us to go within. To meditate and go beyond the intellect to our soulful place. It is time for us to connect to Source and rise into Christ Consciousness. It is here in the stillness and silence that we can create. Here we create with joy and love, not fear and reaction. In this stillness we can choose what reality we want to experience and deliberately choose to mindfully create our thoughtforms so we do live out that reality. For example, one person’s reality might be that the corona virus is infecting everyone and that they must hide away in their homes and fear human contact and hord food and resources. They watch the news everyday and call their friends talking about all the horrible changes they perceive to be going on in society. Their immune system will lower because of the vibration of fear they hold in their bodies, making them more susceptible to getting the virus they are so terrified of. As they watch the news everyday and are in a panic this will have a ripple effect on society. Fear is a virus. It is contagious. Through quantum entanglement we are all connected. This person who is perceiving this global pause in fear will create a self fulfilling prophecy and may eventually get sick from it all. While another person may hold the view that everything is happening in divine timing, and that this global pause and “pandemic” is necessary for the Earth to heal itself. And with this perception, the holder can raise their vibratory state into an elevated state of consciousness and thus transcend the fear, and chaos. These people will be the eye in the storm. These people will show others the way to the truth and the light.

You see, we live most of our life subconsciously. This is by design, as we could not possibly be aware of every experience we’ve had at a conscious level, much less make sense of the vast amount of sensory input that assails us at any given moment. The subconscious and its various components have evolved brilliantly over billions of years to do most of the heavy lifting so that the conscious mind can do what it does best: focus.

The subconscious is a gatekeeper. It decides what information is relevant, and what can be stored away or dismissed. How the subconscious mind processes this information for delivery to the conscious mind is largely determined by conditioning.

When we are adequately nourished and nurtured, data is processed effectively, sorting and sending only the information the conscious mind needs to survive and, if there’s enough energy left over, to thrive. “Unnecessary” information is filtered and stored away.

By contrast, when a person is subject to damaging, traumatic experiences, the subconscious filters defensively, through a lens of fear. The brain is now wired to prepare for and protect the individual from unsafe situations. The conscious mind begins to hyper-focus on the slightest implication of a potentially dangerous experience, expending massive amounts of energy to protect itself from any perceived threat. This sort of “fear conditioning” is the source of most suffering and cruelty in the world and in our hearts.

To understand how important awareness is to our existence as sentient beings, we must step outside the realms of conventional thought into a broader understanding of multidimensional reality. From this perspective, we can see that we are not, in fact, what we perceive; rather, it is the act of perception that makes something “real” at any given moment, as shown in the infamous “double slit” experiment. The implication of this is clear: there is a vast array of experience happening outside of our sensory range that is somehow “real” and yet “not real” in the conventional sense.

This gray, fuzzy area is well conceptualized in the mathematics behind dark matter and energy, demonstrate that only 5% of all substance in the universe is observable by any instruments human beings can conceive. The parallel between dark matter/energy and the subconscious mind is easy to draw. The subconscious is largely imperceptible, but we are inexorably controlled by it. Dark energy and matter are invisible, but they are real and define the boundaries of our existence. To understand any part of the vast, hidden mysteries of the universe, we must first understand the hidden-most aspects of ourselves. This means doing shadow work and exploring our subconscious beliefs.

Take this simple statement with you when exploring other dimensions: if you believe something is real, it will be real to you, and it has as much power as any real thing there is. Thoughtforms and imagination are God’s way to creation and manifestation.

If we can believe that reality is multidimensional, then we can reframe our experiences. No longer are we small, weak, suffering beings whirling through space on a ball of mud, victim to circumstance; instead, we are empowered, eternal, brilliant beings who have come here to experience, thrive, and enjoy life. We can do this when we activate our higher senses and see for ourselves the breadth of our experience beyond the physical, using this awareness to heal and nurture ourselves and others.

So during this moment of global pause, watch your intentions and perceptions with heightened awareness. Get clear about why you want to believe something and what outcome will it have for you to hold that belief? What reality do you wish to experience? What thoughtforms are keeping you stuck in fear and reaction rather than love and joy?

The next step of our planetary evolution is to be a contemplative society. We must be willing to explore other perceptions of reality and viewpoints. Humans should be able to hear a viewpoint without becoming combative, reactive, or demeaning when their belief system is triggered.

The fact remains, that we do create our realities with our thoughts and perceptions. Humanity as a collective will move forward and transcend the suffering on this planet as we choose to co-create a New Earth paradigm based on love, integrity, honor, truth, and respect for all beings.

It is time to rise above the illusion of control, it is time to rise above the fear, and step into our power, our soulful place. It’s time to return to the stillness in our hearts and let the electromagnetic frequency from our hearts radiate outwards as we continue to create heaven on Earth through every thoughtform and action we make. There are many ways to do this but some suggestions are to meditate daily, turn off the news, take a social media detox, read books, walk in nature, and find ways to heal, grow, and thrive. All of these and more will raise your consciousness and body vibration to create a beautiful sense of awareness and peace.

The old paradigm and programming that was running the planet was patriarchal and didn’t value the divine feminine. It ran amok on this planet for millenia. The Divine Feminine is slowly being honored again. Let the Divine Mother and Holy Father dance together in Union to recalibrate and balance the energies on this planet once again. Mind your thoughts as you co-create a New Earth that supports all life on this planet and heals Mother Earth and Father Sky.

You can literally change the world, by changing your thoughts. The Source of all creation is within you. You are powerful beyond measure.

And so it is.

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